Ensuring your home is kept warm with a serviced boiler

You would not let your car go with out an MOT so why would you let your boiler got un-checked for a year? The boiler is the heart beat of the family home especially during the autumn and winter months.


Servicing must be kept up to keep the warranty current. One of the main selling points for boilers in todays market is the extended warranty. Some manufacturers offer between 2 and 5 years but some can offer 8 years even 10 if an extra payment is made.


There are a number of reason as to why you should have your boiler regularly checked and to eliminate any foreseeable problems. Signs of an unhealthy boiler could be such as a noisy fan, noisy pump, flame picture not correct.

What We do

Check burners

A healthy burner should be glowing a bright blue, anything different to that, such as and yellow/orange colour means that your Boiler will need servicing

Gas rate the appliance

Your boiler should be burning gas at an efficient rate, we would recommend getting this checked to ensure you're not burning money!

Check working pressures

Similar to checking the gas rate, we would always advise to check the working pressure is at the right level.

Carbon Emissions

Typically with older boilers, the carbon emitted could be at an unhealthy level. Checking at regular intervals means that there is no danger to you or others

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